Pumped for MAY! =)


April is over =( But now we’re in MAY!!! May is my favorite month…why? Well I turn a year older every May! And this year I’m going to be 13! This is going to be my best birthday yet, because well 13 is the best number out there! I’m REALLY excited! I hope to get either a digitl camera(broke the last 4 I had…), a new iPod (mines all broken and messed, like literally it’s taped up right now.), or my cell phone back :/ I miss it dearly.

Another thing that is clearly my highlight in May is going to JAMAICA!! I left on May 1st, and came back on the 9th. It honestly was so beautiful and so amazing, I would go back in a heart beat, best place I have ever traveled to! The people were my favorite part though! They are hilarious and so nice and… persuading :p I hope to go back for New Years! I can get my tan back!! =)

May is going to be a great month I just know it!! Leave a comment below telling me what your favorite month is! 🙂

Pop!!! In mid-air?!

It was Anna’s 6th birthday; she had a party with all her friends from school. She even had a princess, clown and a magician! It was her favorite birthday yet!! She had hundreds of balloons, and since it was a very, very hot day they all had a water balloon fight but they were still using normal balloons not the ones made for water fights. They were all having fun until it was the last balloon… Anna was going to throw it since she was the birthday girl, so she went on the roof of her house threw the big balloon filled with water and threw it up in the air waiting for it to fall on all of her friends, but when she threw it up… POP! It fell on her!! When she threw the balloon it fell right back on her she was soaked, but how? How did the balloon just pop in the sky? It didn’t hit anything sharp… did it? No, it couldn’t have. Anna started to cry because she was so embarrassed about this all of her friends were laughing at her. “Why mama, it didn’t hit anything!” Anna cried, her mom wiped away the tears and said “it is no big deal hun” then her Anna’s dad walked in and said “I know what happened” “really?” asked Anna, “yes, because it was so hot out the balloon just popped” replied Anna’s dad, Anna looked confused “dad, that doesn’t make sense” Anna’s dad laughed “or does it sweetie? Go back out and play with your friends” And so Anna did, she forgot all about it and had tons of fun with her friends on her birthday. When everyone went home and Anna’s dad was tucking her in bed, Anna asked her dad “daddy, why did the balloon just pop in the air?” “Well” her dad replied, “you see when you run really fast for a long time what happens Anna?” Anna thought for a bit… and then said, “I sweat and become hot and out of breathe” “exactly” he father said, “that’s because all these little particles in your body are moving fast which makes you hot, well same with the balloon because it was so hot outside the little particles in the balloon were going so crazy fast that it just popped!” Her father explained, “oh, I get it now well we have to make sure never to go somewhere to, to hot or we will explode!” Anna said, her dad laughed “exactly aha now go to sleep, happy birthday sweetie” Her dad gave Anna a kiss on the forehead, and put her to bed. Good night Anna 😉

Winner !!! :D

Hey Guys!
So I would just like to congratulate Allen for getting my brain teaser right on my “Fun! Fun! Fun!” page!! He’s a pretty smart kid! xD So the brain teaser was “WHAT 7 LETTER WORD HAS HUNDREDS OF LETTERS IN IT?” and the answer was ,MAILBOX! So Allen got that right !! If you want to check out his blog, you can @ http://allenmtpleasant.edublogs.org/ .
I would HIGHLY recommend his blog it’s honestly probably one of the best blog’s in our class, just sayin’ 😉

A couple things (:

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How are you? I;m doing AWESOME ! There’s a couple different things that make me feel awesome and that’s what  this post is about.

So first thing is that well if you haven’t noticed yet I got a Taylor Swift cursor for my blog !! I’ve been trying to figure out how to get a cool cursor for a while and I was just searching up cool widgets for my blog and ran into a Taylor Swift cursor, that made my day xD If you want to know how to get cool cursors for your blog comment below 🙂

Secondly, we have a four day weekend !! So I get Friday and Monday off from school, so I’m pumped about that one !!

Third… HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE ! I LOVE Easter I get together with all my cousins and family and we have a huge easter egg hunt at their house and it’s so much fun, I promised myself that I will never ever, ever grow to old for my egg hunts!

Fourth, I get to make traditional Romanian cakes for Easter, I love baking so that makes me happyyyy 🙂

And lastly, tomorrow I have swimming and it should be a fun one because maybe my coach Lisa will let us play a bit because it’s Easter 🙂

I hope you all have a great Easter !! God Bless Everyone <3


Cheating . . .

I learned that sometimes people aren’t going to trust you and it may be for no reason at all. Sometimes people will just judge you on what they think you’ll do, on who they think you are, and there’s really nothing you can do about it. But just remember one thing, they’re not cheating you, they’re cheating themselves.

I found this quote at http://quotekiss.com and I liked it a lot… leave a comment telling me what you think of it!


EveryTHING Has Thier Own Strategy!

Hey you there!

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I have a question for you… what are you??? And how do you keep warm or keep cool? I’m pretty sure whoever is reading this right now is a human just like me, so I’m guessing that we use the same strategies?? I stay warm by wearing clothes, my house has a furnace to keep my house and family warm, or if it’s a sunny day I lay in the sun, another way to heat up is by doing exercise’s it gets your heart beating fast and warms you up!


But let’s just pretend you’re a dog maybe… with all that fur on a scorching, hot, sunny, day… how do they not fall over and just die!!! Well dogs have ways to stay cool as well. Since they can’t just shave off their big fur coat they do what is called panting. Have you ever seen a dog sticking out his wet, slobbery tongue and breathe fast? Well that’s what panting is.


Or even cooler what if you were a lizard or a snake!! That would be pretty cool eh? Well how do they keep warm? They bask… they bask in the sun all day long I would love to just lay in the sun and tan all day wouldn’t you agree? Hmmm, what else would you be if you could be anything? How about a bird! That would be so, so, so, so cool! Fly everywhere and just chill in the sky, but still how do they stay warm…? They don’t pant, wear clothes, or lay in the sun all day. They fly south to warmer places! Wouldn’t that be cool, on a really cold Canadian day you could just fly to like Hawaii? Ha, I wish!!


We all have different ways to stay warm, and cool. But what about homes… how do they stay at a comfortable temperature? Well how do you warm up your house, or cool it down? I know I have a furnace, and fans, and air conditioners, and fireplaces… but how about you? Think about this… do you think that thousands of years ago they had these things to keep their houses at a comfortable temperature? Well actually, in ancient Rome people would keep their buildings cooled by running cold river water threw the walls, and actually my grandparents in Romania STILL do that well something similar. They have a very small house and they have a wood burning fireplace in it. And to heat up the walls they burn wood in the fireplace, they also get hot water from this.


Other ways they used to cool up their house was putting in a shallow pool, I think that would be way better than having air conditioning I’ve always wanted an indoor pool!! But I guess now a days were to high tech for water haha. Most Ontario homes now have central heating systems and central air conditioners. The furnaces in these burn fuels such as oil and naturel gasses, which we get from deep in the Earth’s crust, but unfortunately if we keep using these fuels were going to run out in a few decades, well that’s what scientists predict at least.


Do you have a chimney? If you answered yes, do you know why? Mainly because, well how else will Santa get in? And… chimneys let out toxic waste gases. So chimneys are a positive thing to your home!


So let’s talk about the summer… how do you keep your home cool when the sun is frying everyone and everything? I know I have fans and a central air conditioning system… but are these as bad as furnaces, and things to keep your house warm? Nope not as bad, these things don’t usually let out toxic fumes, but they do use electricity, air conditioners use a lot more electricity than fans do though. But we still should use as little as possible.


Everything you use to keep your home warm or cool, uses up money and it isn’t good for the environment; we can help and save a lot! So next time if you’re a little chilly well is it really necessary to turn on your furnace? Or can you just put a nice sweater on and curl up on the couch with a blanket, or if you’re boiling hot instead of turning on the air conditioning go put on a bathing suit and go for a swim, or maybe use a fan instead until you cool of a little bit. These things can make a difference so all together now, LETS MAKE OUR WORLD A BETTER PLACE!


I’m a particle…?

 Hello There!

So has anyone ever heard of the show the big bang theory? If you haven’t well you should check it because it’s probably one of my all time favorite shows, it so, so, so funny! And it teaches you stuff as well. But beside the point, the show is based on… the big bang theory, which is actually a theory but you want to know about another cool theory? THE PARTICLE THEORY OF MATTER….dun, dun, dun!

What is the particle theory of matter? Also known as just the particle theory, well in the 1800’s scientists believed that the caused by the motion of small invisible particles, that make up matter. The faster they move the warmer you become. Just like when your doing physical activity, you become hot and that’s because the small, invisible particles are in motion and moving fast and hard. But when your just chilling out and not moving or anything do you find yourself a bit colder? That’s because these particles aren’t working as hard. Pretty neat eh?

So that’s a little bit about the particle theory if you want to know more about it, leave a comment below and I can answer your questions!!


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p.s. check out my first sketch fu!! ^^

The Best of Entertainment !! (:


Soooo, I was browsing google and I found 2 of THE BEST pictures on thier!!! Can you guess what the pictures are?? What are you things I LOVE, starts with a T…. she writes songs and sings and performs and won entertainer of the year 2 times in a row, rymes with Lift… yupp you got it, TAYLOR SWIFT! And what’s the other thing I love…? Also starts with a T 🙂 My last post was about them, yupp! Toronto Maple Leafs!!

So to my point I found a picture of Taylor Swift performing at a concert wearing a Toronto Maple Leaf jersey !!! That made my day 😀


<3 *!GO LEAFS GO!* <3

LeafsLogoHey! You there! Do you like hockey?

I really hope you said yes, because I sure do!! I love, love, love HOCKEY! I don’t play it but since I’m Canadian I was born to love hockey, every other night or so I turn on the T.V. to watch the legendary TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS. They are my #1 favorite team out there! I’m die hard leaf fan!

Did you know that when the NHL first started there were only 6 teams, the original 6 were Montreal Canadiens, Detroit Red Wings, Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, and New York Rangers and of course TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS (: These teams are known as the “original six.”

Now I’m not going to give you a boring history of hockey, but I have to tell you a bit of The Leafs history. Toronto Maple Leafs have been around since 1917! That’s 94 years! They were amazing, and obviously still are :p See what I don’t understand is well how can you be a Leaf hater? People say now a days they suck, do they? Do they really? Well then can you please tell me why right now at the moment they are on 3 game winning streak, and in the last 10 games they won 7 and lost only 3. Obviously Toronto isn’t 1st in the standings but they can’t win every year, I understand they haven’t won a Stanley Cup since 1967, but the last 43 years just wasn’t their time to shine but that doesn’t mean you just stop being a fan, if your once a fan and your a true fan you stay a fan.

Toronto Maple Leafs have 2 things, the MOST money and the MOST fans. They don’t suck at all, they are actually amazing. My favorite player on the Toronto Maple Leafs is honestly, and most definitely their goalie James Reimer!! He’s just amazing, and I also like Phil Kessel he’s doing really well, and then theirs you know Nazem Kadri I’m proud of the kid, and then I like Joffrey Lupul. I like them all except for 1… I’m not to fond of a Dion Phaneuf, he’s kinda slow. Lol whatever he’s on the leaf”s so he’s still better than others haha 🙂

So tomorrow April. 5th Washington is at Toronto, so lets wish the leafs luck! GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!! Leave me a comment telling me what your favorite NHL team is, and why!


Fire and Ice Don’t Make Nice.

Hey guys!

So one of our latest projects was to create an adventure animation/claymation, we could use whatever tools we wanted but we had to make our OWN character and our own plot and everything in between. My story was about a Romanian terrorist who goes on a plane and uses his fire powers to try and kill Susan the flight attendant but then the Italian super hero Mario comes with his ice powers and kills the Romanian, well I couldn’t say he KILLS him just knocks him over and then never comes back (:

I wouldn’t say my story really has a lesson in it, but I guess you could say that fire can’t burn you, don’t let anyone burn you because your bigger and better than that. I don’t know but I guess you could say that :p So anyways take a look at it and let me know what you think! And if you ever made an animation if so tell me what it was about and how you made it! Enjoy !!!!

-Aura <3

Fire and Ice don’t make Nice.